Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 58

My sister's wedding gets two posts. I have been so busy editing and handling a huge licensing exam coming up at work that this has taken a backseat. Not to worry though. I've decided to keep posting, but when I have something to actually post about. No more junk posts.

So this one is full of pretty pictures of my family <3
My sister and brother in law,
the beautiful bride and groom

My mom and my niece

My other sister and her beautiful family

Mommy and Daughter

The ringbearer! He's the brides son too, so cute!

Day 58

She was a beautiful bride! It was a sweet, simple, personal ceremony. Congratulations!

Day 57

Just some of my favorites. I love these girls, so this was definitely more like play time with them than a photo shoot. Love them! Thanks Makenna and Riley!

Day 56

J and I were scouting a location and saw a momma turkey and 6 baby turkeys. She promptly herded them into the woods and away from us :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 55

These are a few of my favorite things...

Day 54

Happy Hour in the H House.

We were celebrating J getting that job that he interviewed for! We are looking forward to him having more normal hours and working for a more stable company. The saving for a house can now continue!

So proud of you babe!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 53

J surprised me last night with an impromtu Beach Date Night. It was totally spontaneous, and exactly what we needed. Love it.


Dining Room

Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 52

Guess who's in town?! Long time friend Maggie & her new fur baby Hailey!!

Hailey is a chocolate lab puppy who likes ice cubes, the color pink, and long walks on the beach. Which Max, being the little duder that he is, interpreted to mean forest. :) Oh well, at least he's trying!

Day 51

Beach days are something to treasure.

Day 50

What does happiness look like?

Let a man sit on a Motorcycle custom built with a Corvette V8 Engine, and maybe you'll see....

Look at the way he looks at that thing... Wife who?

Just kidding babe!

Day 49

Lee USA Speedway

Mr. & Mrs. Beers.

(It's the track. It was the classy thing to do, I promise.)

These little cars get up to 90 mph, and are just the funniest things to watch.

Late Models... these one looked like NASCAR cars to me. Fun to watch, but a lot louder than I expected.

Which brings me to my soapbox. (My blog, my soapbox.) If you have a newborn baby, hypothetically, and just cannot bear to miss a Friday night of local racing, and you somehow assume that your newborn baby also cannot bear to miss the race, well then you are WRONG. Furthermore, you are STUPID. Adults wear ear plugs at these races. When your kid is 5 and has no hearing left, he will have every right to kick you in the shins repeatedly. Get a sitter, or you know, leave the baby with the dog. Whatever. Don't bring a baby to the track. (off of soapbox)

This car is a Super Modified... something. Sorry, I'll take better notes next time. FAST. Way too fast to get any good shots of it on the track. It was great to get down close for shots after though. Driver Steve Dickey Jr. came in 2nd this week. Next week it'll be first!

Tons of fun on the cheap if you're ever without something to do on a Friday night.
Bonus: the hubs will think you are too cool for a guy oriented date night!

Day 48

The post my mother will never believe is true.

Despite 20 something years of protesting eating my vegetables, this whole running idea has made me become more aware of the amount of protein/vitamins/carbs etc that I am putting into my body. J has been on a mission to break me of my child-like eating habits pretty much since our first date. And he's done well. This is proof.

This past morning I went so far as to combine these several ingredients....

in a blender:
which then looked like this:

Why would I do this you ask? Aside from longing to drink a smoothie that looks like something that came out of a swamp, it was because I am a huge jump-on-the-bandwagon-er. That's right. All my friends jumped off the bridge, so naturally I did too. Just kidding. Kinda

This is a Green Monster.

And Angela promises tons of energy, beautiful hair and skin, and never-ending riches. Maybe not the last part. But really, I've been so tired lately from trying to keep up with training, photography, work just got busier, husband likes to see me, etc etc. You know. Life. A girl can use all the help she can get right? So I tried it.

Honestly, it was WAY better than I expected. Not spinach tasting at all. More banana than anything. I like it. My energy levels were noticeably higher too. So I'll be making more of these.

Oh, and if you try it, Angela does say to serve it in the prettiest glass you own. I think it helps :)

Bottoms up!