Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 47.2

I know! Posting twice in one day. But I loved this picture.

Day 47

Took a day off from training tonight. Running-buddy-Jill and I have been hitting the pavement hard and consistently, making sure we get all the miles in. Saturday we ran a ten miler. While it was definitely hard, it felt great. I've been struggling on the longer runs lately, and mentally was starting to get down. This was the farthest I've ran since my half marathon last fall, and I'm excited to say it was fun.

My friend Shannon ran her first 5k yesterday!! It was held at our work, and while I can say a few things about the organization, it was flat and fun to run with her. She killed it too. Great pace, and pushed at the end to pass a few people. She is brand new to running, and has been doing a couch (potato) to 5k program. She hasn't actually made it to the end, because she's an overachiever and tackled the race early. I was so proud.

And tonight, I skipped my scheduled run. Feeling a little run down, and sometimes you just gotta listen to your body, right? So I'll be continuing reading about running a marathon.

More fun facts about me... former book worm. I still love to devour a book. But how many evenings do I really have between training for marathon and training with my camera?

Review of A Race Like No Other forthcoming :) Now go check out Shannon's blog, all about the adventures of her, her funny hunting husband, and adorable dog. She (unlike some of us, ahem) blogs pretty regularly.

Day 46

Out of focus? Think about it.

I feel strong and pretty in running clothes.

Day 45

Summer summer summertime...

Here it is the groove slightly transformed
Just a bit of a break from the norm
Just a little something to break the monotony

Cool drink, sunroof and nice weather... Will Smith knew what it was all about :)

Day 44

Big things may be happening in the H house. J has interviewed for a new job. One that he was approached for. We're still waiting to hear... but fingers crossed!

Day 43

Fun fact about me: There's not much that mint chocolate chip won't fix. Waffle cone= bonus.
(My hubby makes sherbet look manly. It's true.)

Summer is officially here. I know I whined when it was raining all the time, but this 90 degree weather with 50% humidity is not as peachy as it sounded. HOT.

Ice cream is always a good fix for that though...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 42

Laconia NH Bike Week 2010



and chicks on bikes :)

Honestly, I wanted to take more pictures... but with all the 'clubs' around... maybe I've seen one too many movies, but I was erring on the side of caution at this event.

Beautiful lake!! Beautiful day!

Day 41

We met some of J's friends for dinner in Boston Friday night.

I love this city.

Dinner and drinks at the Whiskey Priest.

Views of the Harbor and World Trade Center.

Then walked around for a little bit.

The city even has some green features...

... and a few more favorite shots from the evening...


Day 40

Puffy ankles are HOT.

J couldn't keep his hands off these bad boys...

I am kidding.

Day 39

Happy Birthday to two of my favorite women.

We apparently forgot birthday candles... but that never stopped a few wishes!!

Day 38

Mom's house.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 37

We've been married 284 days.

I think it's a good day to celebrate that, don't you?

Day 36

Not the finest use of my photography skillz but I'd like to show you this guy. This picture also does not provide any idea of how huge he was, but I wasn't getting close enough to place anything near him for scale.

Let's just say that he's could have picked up a quarter no problem.

Day 35

Sunday was spent with the family, at my cousin-in-laws graduation party. Meet the newest member of the family:

One Month Old Olivia!

Look at her beautiful big eyes! So wide awake for all the commotion.

Until she got sleepy :)

Day 34

Nose Smudges on my Jeep windows make me happy. Yup. If the dog hair covering every iota of space, new scratches on the leather despite our trying to cover it (sorry mom!) and the slobber on the arm/rest console didn't give it away, let me state the obvious. I love that our dogs go everywhere in the Jeep with us! Nose smudges are happy smudges.

On a different note, apparently the Chinese Food place requires 24 hour access to their back door. I didn't say it. They did. (sorry mom, again.)

What do you do while waiting in the car for your husband to get dinner out to ya? ;)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 33

Lilly: "I want to go get Uncle J all by myself!"

Me: "Oh yeah? Who's going to drive the car? You?"

Lilly: "No!!" Laughter.

Me: "Lexie?"

Lilly: "No!" More laughter.

Me: "Max?!"

Lilly: "NO!! Max has no hands!!!"


Day 32

Rain Rain go away, come again another day...

Kristin wants to run in the sun again...