Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 47

Took a day off from training tonight. Running-buddy-Jill and I have been hitting the pavement hard and consistently, making sure we get all the miles in. Saturday we ran a ten miler. While it was definitely hard, it felt great. I've been struggling on the longer runs lately, and mentally was starting to get down. This was the farthest I've ran since my half marathon last fall, and I'm excited to say it was fun.

My friend Shannon ran her first 5k yesterday!! It was held at our work, and while I can say a few things about the organization, it was flat and fun to run with her. She killed it too. Great pace, and pushed at the end to pass a few people. She is brand new to running, and has been doing a couch (potato) to 5k program. She hasn't actually made it to the end, because she's an overachiever and tackled the race early. I was so proud.

And tonight, I skipped my scheduled run. Feeling a little run down, and sometimes you just gotta listen to your body, right? So I'll be continuing reading about running a marathon.

More fun facts about me... former book worm. I still love to devour a book. But how many evenings do I really have between training for marathon and training with my camera?

Review of A Race Like No Other forthcoming :) Now go check out Shannon's blog, all about the adventures of her, her funny hunting husband, and adorable dog. She (unlike some of us, ahem) blogs pretty regularly.

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