Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 25

So the original pictures that I took on Day 25 were of Max wearing a purple monkey costume. Sadly, these accidently got deleted while I was uploading other pictures at a photography class that I took Saturday morning. So instead of purple monkey dog, I'll show you some pictures of me and J. Totally self-absorbed I know.

None of these pictures were taken by me. I'm just saying. Trying to show off my modeling? Hahaha... I am really just bragging about how cute my hubby is.

This is from a dinner the night before our wedding (not our rehearsal)

At a rainy family barbeque

From our honeymoon in Puerta Vallarta

And lastly, from my favorite snowboarding trip ever, Jackson Hole, WY. Please notice the beard. He is very proud of his winter beards :)

Tomorrow I'll catch up with photos from the weekend. A photography class and another little person's birthday!

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