Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 26

Saturday I took my first photography class. A real live photography class. Taught by someone who retired from teaching photography. And has shot for magazine covers. It was ahhh-mazing. David and Alicia from Silver Hills Studio taught me exactly how much I have to learn. Among other things :)

Our first lesson was in setting the proper exposure in 1/3rds.

Let's meet Conan: (that's Conan like Conan the Barbarian, not so much like Conan O'Brien, whom I do love dearly. Team Conan. Anyway.)

See the difference that changing the exposure by just 1/3 lighter or darker makes? The picture in the middle is set with a "normal" exposure, or at zero.

(ps. please feel free to giggle at the pictures in a slightly immature way. It was part of their structural garden in the fields. I agree. I see the naughtiness of it too.)

We also looked at how perspective of the subject can change the feel of the picture.

Amazing, no? Maybe not amazing, but definitely something I can't wait to try on other subjects.

Thanks Conan ;)

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