Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 27

Last week I introduced you to this cutie, now please meet her adorable older cousin:


Not only does she do funny stuff like this when I ask her to pose, but she is just generally a bundle of energy.

She loves Tinkerbell, her baby brother, teaching Lilly how to do EVERYTHING, and in general is just rocking at being 5.

True story time: J and I were at the store buying her Tinkerbell themed presents. And then we found a card that lit up, sang, and told her a story. Tinkerbell themed. "Perfect!", we said. Into the basket it went. Get to the self-checkout... scan... $7.50. WHAT?! "But babe, it lights up! She'll love it! It'll be worth it!", I plead to J. We buy it. Emilee opens it up... sees and hears it in all it's Tinkerbell glory...

"Oh my gosh, this card is SO annoying!"

That's right. She's too cool for my $7.50 card!

Good thing she's so stinking cute...

Happy Birthday Em!!

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