Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 19

My niece (and Goddaughter!!) had her third birthday this past week, and the fam gathered to celebrate. Fun facts about Lilly:

She HATES to be dirty, and loves to clean. Which I completely blame on my neat-freak sister :)

She is only three and can already multi-task. Example: blowing bubbles does NOT mean you need to put down your doritos. No ma'am.

She told everyone all day that she was four. Which is HILARIOUS. She's three. See the shirt her mom made her? So cute.

She is one of the most polite small people I know. My sister should be proud.

She loves her Uncle J more than most of us. As proof, I've added pictures from her second birthday where she NEEDED to sit on his lap while opening her presents:

and one from a short while before that, where we were trying to leave my sister's house and she did NOT want to let go of him:

So sweet really...

From little baby...

To little girl! We love you Lilly!!

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