Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 11

Today I actually had the luxury to drive somewhere for the sole purpose of parking my car and seeing what I could see through my lens. It was a beautiful afternoon, and New England this time of year has a lot to offer. I drove to a near by small town (very small town), parked at an old church, and wasn't disappointed.

This Church was actually established in the year 1743, and is where one of my best friends married last fall. It's really a beautiful old building.

Outside the church is a cemetary. I'm pretty sure all the headstones had the same family name on them: Farley...

... except for this one:

The rest of the town common is quaint and picturesque

To put into perspective how charming and unchanged the town center seems, this same picture in black and white looks timeless, no?

And to end it all off, my favorite shot of the day:

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  1. K - You're awesome! And I love that you went to the church - I was like wait a second, I know that place! :P