Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 5

Back on track, Baby!!

So DPS has been an amazing source of information for me as I've begun learning this craft. Amazing. If you are not familiar with them, and looking to learn about anything photography related, you need to hop on over and check them out. F-stop? Aperture? ISO? What's that? While I'm not sure I could define each of those yet, DPS can. And will explain not only the terms, but how to apply it to make your images better. And it is a great community full of photographers of all levels, so you get great perspective. See? Can't say enough good things about the site.

One of my favorite things about DPS is their weekly assignments. I've never participated, but this weeks assignment was "shadows" and I thought I might give it a go.

So this first one is obviously my wine glasses, but I love the way the shadows behind them look. Almost like those tulips J gave me for my birthday :)

This little guy is a treasured possession. Moose. Love the bold color of this one. Love it. (J actually suggested it when I told him the assignment was shadows. He's so creative...)

So there you have it. Tomorrow is the weekend.. so I really will have no excuse for not posting on time.

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