Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 1

Photography. Images. Pictures. Snapshots.

Oh internet, I must confess: I'd like to be really really good at taking photographs. Not just a little good. Really good. Sometimes I'm a bit of a perfectionist. Sometimes I'm lazy too though. So this is the deal I've made with myself.

100 pictures in a 100 days.

(maybe more. I'm also indecisive.)

If I can take my camera out every day, take at least one picture every day, for 100 days, then surely I'll get better right? And I'll reward myself with... something. TBD. ('cause that's how I roll.) And this goal will be displayed here, for the world to possibly see. Hopefully I get better in those 100 (or more) days. Hopefully I'll find new and exciting things to shoot over the days too. Otherwise, be prepared for lots of pictures of my dogs and my coffee.

Mmmm coffee.

*Today's photo is of my engagement ring on the tulips my husband bought me for my birthday. Natural light, but it is late in the day, so not too bright.

Til tomorrow!

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