Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 49

Lee USA Speedway

Mr. & Mrs. Beers.

(It's the track. It was the classy thing to do, I promise.)

These little cars get up to 90 mph, and are just the funniest things to watch.

Late Models... these one looked like NASCAR cars to me. Fun to watch, but a lot louder than I expected.

Which brings me to my soapbox. (My blog, my soapbox.) If you have a newborn baby, hypothetically, and just cannot bear to miss a Friday night of local racing, and you somehow assume that your newborn baby also cannot bear to miss the race, well then you are WRONG. Furthermore, you are STUPID. Adults wear ear plugs at these races. When your kid is 5 and has no hearing left, he will have every right to kick you in the shins repeatedly. Get a sitter, or you know, leave the baby with the dog. Whatever. Don't bring a baby to the track. (off of soapbox)

This car is a Super Modified... something. Sorry, I'll take better notes next time. FAST. Way too fast to get any good shots of it on the track. It was great to get down close for shots after though. Driver Steve Dickey Jr. came in 2nd this week. Next week it'll be first!

Tons of fun on the cheap if you're ever without something to do on a Friday night.
Bonus: the hubs will think you are too cool for a guy oriented date night!

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